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Subject Terms beginning with "W"

Waiapa. See Oyampi
Waiwai (indigenous group)
Wakuénai. See Curripaco (indigenous group)
Walker, William
Wamani (indigenous group)
Wambisa. See Huambisa
Wanka. See Huanca
Waorani. See Hua
War of the Pacific (1879-1884)
War of the Triple Alliance. See Paraguayan War (1865-1870)
Warao (indigenous group)
Wari. See Huari
Warrau (indigenous group)
Wars of Independence. See also Independence Movements
Washington, D.C. (city)
Water Conservation
Water Distribution
Water Rights
Water Resources Development
Water Supply
Waura (indigenous group)
Wayápi. See Oyampi
Wayana. See Oyana
Wayu. See Goajiro (indigenous group)
Wealth. See also Capital
Web Sites
Weights and Measures
West Indians
White Collar Workers
Wildlife Refuges. See Parks and Reserves
Windward Islands
Wine and Wine Making
Wit and Humor
Witoto (indigenous group)
Wiwilí, Nicaragua (town)
Women in the Caribbean Project
Women's Rights
Wood Carving
Wood Sculpture
Wool Industry and Trade
World Bank
World War I (1914-1918)
World War II (1939-1945)

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