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Subject Terms beginning with "I"

Ica, Peru (dept.)
Ica River Region (Peru)
Ichilo, Bolivia (prov.)
Iconography. See also Precolumbian Art
Ilheus, Brazil (city)
Illegal Aliens
Illia, Arturo
Illiteracy. See Literacy and Illiteracy
Illness. See Diseases
Ilo, Peru (city)
Ilom, Gaspar
Imbabura, Ecuador (prov.)
Immigration. See Migration
Imperatriz, Brazil (city)
Import Substitution
Imports and Exports. See International Trade
Inca Influences
Income Distribution
Indentured Servants
Independence Movements. See also Wars of Independence
Indians. See Indigenous Peoples;
West Indians; East Indians
Indigenismo and Indianidad
Indigenous Architecture. See Vernacular Architecture
Indigenous Art
Indigenous Influences
Indigenous Languages
Indigenous Music
Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Relations
Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples#Influences on
Indigenous Peoples#Origins
Indigenous Peoples#Relations with X
Indigenous Peoples#Views of
Indigenous Policy
Indigenous Resistance
Industrial Development Projects. See Development Projects
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Policy
Industrial Productivity
Industrial Promotion
Industrial Relations
Industrial Safety
Industry and Industrialization
Infant Mortality
Informal Labor. See Informal Sector
Informal Sector
Information Science
Information Services
Inga Site (Brazil)
Inga Site (Ecuador)
Ingano (indigenous group)
Ingapirca Site (Ecuador)
Inheritance and Succession
Inscriptions. See also Epigraphy
Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas
Insurrection of the Comuneros (Colombia, 1781)
Insurrection of the Comuneros (Paraguay, 1730-1735)
Insurrection of Túpac Amaru (1780-1781)
Insurrection of Túpac Katari (1780-1781)
Integrated Rural Development Project (Jamaica)
Intellectual Freedom. See Academic Freedom
Intellectual History
Intelligence Service. See also Espionage
Inter-American Development Bank
Inter-American Dialogue
Inter-American Foundation
Inter-Tribal Relations#X/Y
Interest Groups. See Pressure Groups
Interest Rates
Internal Migration. See Migration
Internal Stability. See Political Stability
International Agreements
International Arbitration
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. See World Bank
International Court of Justice
International Economic Relations#X/Y
International Finance
International Labor Office
International Law
International Migration. See Migration
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
International Relations#X/Y
International Trade
International Trade Relations#X/Y
Internet. See also Gopher Sites; Web Sites
Interpersonal Relationships
Intervention, US. See Foreign Intervention, US
Intervention, USSR. See Foreign Intervention, USSR
Intoxicants. See Stimulants
Investments. See also Saving and Investment; Public Investments; Foreign Investment
Iquique, Chile (city)
Iquitos, Peru (city)
Iran-Contra Affair (1985-1990)
Iron Industry and Trade
Isabela, Dominican Republic. See La Isabela, Dominican Republic (settlement)
Iskanwaya Site (Bolivia)
Isla Cerritos Site (Mexico)
Islamic Influences
Islay, Peru (prov.)
Itaipú Dam
Italian Influences
Italian Language
Itatí, Argentina (town)
Ivory Carving
Izabal, Guatemala (dept.)
Izapa Site (Mexico)

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