NOTICE: The following solicitation provisions and/or contract clauses pertinent to this section are hereby incorporated by reference:


52.212-13 STOP-WORK ORDER AUG 1989

52.247-34 F.O.B. DESTINATION NOV 1991


The period of performance shall begin upon contract award (anticipated to be approximately June 1996) and shall continue until completion and acceptance of all tasks and deliverables. Four (4) one (1) year options for continued performance of tasks orders are available. Exercising of the option years is dependent upon satisfactory performance, continuing need, and the availability of funding.


Tasks under this contract with the exception of the initial contract startup/testing phase (which will be obligated at time of award) shall be performed through the issuance of phased task orders. The period of performance and delivery dates will be established with each order. For each task, the COTR will forward the microfilm for analysis; and through the Contracting Officer will issue a request outlining required activities and deliverables for a task order proposal. The contractor will be given a minimum of five (5) working days' notice of the Library's intention to forward microfilm for analysis.

The contractor shall submit a technical proposal in response to each request within the timeframe specified. The proposal shall include a detailed description of the work to be accomplished (work plan); the batch sizes for deliverables and completion dates (milestone chart); the required inputs by the Library; and other information deemed appropriate. A cost proposal in accordance with Section B, The Schedule, shall be submitted with the response.

After review and approval of the proposal, the Contracting Officer may issue the task order. The Library reserves the right to decline to issue a specific task order to the contractor after reviewing the contractor's proposal. No reimbursement shall be made for preparation of task proposals.

After issuance of a task order, no changes in scope of work, or changes in delivery dates shall be undertaken without the explicit authorization of the Contracting Officer.


It is the responsibility of the contractor to insure that arrival of shipments at the Library occur between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays. (See also Section D)

F.5 52.211-8 TIME OF DELIVERY. (JUL 1995)

(a) The Government requires delivery to be made according to a processing/production rates for batch/lot sizes ranging from a minimum of 2,575 to a maximum of 6,923 digital images per week.


F.5.1 Contract StartUp/Testing Phase (CLIN B.3 and C.2.2.1)

Weeks After Activity

Contract Award

1 Library to ship 101 reels of microfilm to contractor

2 Initial meeting at the Library of Congress

3-5 Contractor analysis of film; selection of 100-200 representative sample images

6 Contractor to forward written proposal identifying the sample images and provide recommendations for digitizing them. Proposal to be reviewed and approved by the Library prior to proceeding with the work. After approval, the scanned images shall be scanned and delivered to the Library in both electronic and printed-out form.

7 Library review and acceptance of sample images.

8 Meeting at Library for final resolution and discussion of remaining issues.

F.5.2 Initial Task Order

9 Any final analysis of the microfilm and submission of proposal for (first) follow-on task order.

10 Library review and acceptance of proposal

11 Issuance of task order

12 Contractor to begin scanning and processing batch/lot one for the task

13 Completion and delivery of first digital files (CD-ROM, shipping/packing list, scanning log, directory, and filename lists).

15 Completion of quality review by Library; notification to contractor of acceptance or rejection of files and return of relevant film to the contractor

The delivery schedule determined for each task order shall not be interrupted for completion of remakes for images, files, or entire batches/reels that are determined unacceptable.

F.5.3 Follow-On Task Orders

Film analysis and proposal preparation and response time may vary for each task order.

Precise delivery dates and batch sizes will be determined for each task order and may vary based upon the difficulty inherent in the microfilm being processed. Requests for subsequent task proposals may overlap performance on a task order in progress.

The Government will evaluate equally, as regards time of delivery, offers that propose delivery of each quantity within the applicable delivery period specified above. Offers that propose delivery that will not clearly fall within the applicable required delivery period specified above, will be considered nonresponsive and rejected. The Government reserves the right to award under either the required delivery schedule or the proposed delivery schedule, when an offeror offers an earlier delivery schedule than required above. If the offeror proposes no other delivery schedule, the required delivery schedule above will apply.






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(b) Attention is directed to the Contract Award provision of the solicitation that provides that a written award or acceptance of offer mailed, or otherwise furnished to the successful offeror, results in a binding contract. The Government will mail or otherwise furnish to the offeror an award or notice of award not later than the day award is dated. Therefore, the offeror should compute the time available for performance beginning with the actual date of award, rather than the date the written notice of award is received from the Contracting Officer through the ordinary mails. However, the Government will evaluate an offer that proposes delivery based on the Contractor's date of receipt of the contract or notice of award by adding:

(i) five calendar days for delivery of the award through the ordinary mails; or

(ii) one working day if the solicitation states that the contract or notice of award will be transmitted electronically. (The term "working day" excludes weekends and U.S. Federal holidays.) If, as so computed, the offered delivery date is later than the required delivery date, the offer will be considered nonresponsive and rejected.


Supplies and/or services shall be delivered F.O.B. destination to:

Library of Congress

National Digital Library Program

% Freight Services

Madison Building Loading Dock

100 C Street SE

Washington, DC 20540-20003

Freight Services Telephone: 202-707-5558