For an example of SGML-Encoded texts, refer to ATTACHMENT 3.

1.Text to key and tag:

2. Text that will NOT be keyed or retained:

3. Marks to ignore during keying include:

4. Line breaks:

5. Special characters:

6. Standard attributes:

7. Page numbers:

8. Letterhead:

9. Rules, leader dots, and other spacing:

10. Tagging of forms (where form is defined as preprinted questions or statements where a user response is required):

11. The tag - footnotes and endnotes:

12. Insertion of tags:

13. Catch words:

14. Columns:

15. Bookplates:

16. Targets:

17. Typographical design of original:

18. Text type:

20. Illustration and table ENTITY values:

21. Title pages:

22. Delivery of completed document texts:

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