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Series 6: Military Papers. 1755-1798

Subseries A

British General Edward Braddock, Orderly Book February 16-June 17, 1755
Virginia Colonial Militia Memorandum Book April-May, 1756
British Colonel John Forbes, Orderly Book September-November, 1758
Continental Army Officers Discharged, List September, 1775-August, 1776
Continental Army Commissioned Field Officers, List January 1, 1776
Continental Army Officers, List, by State 1778-1783
British Deserters, Names and Interrogations April 15-December 12, 1782
British Deserters, Names and InterrogationsDecember 21, 1782-April 4, 1783

Subseries B

Captured British Army Orderly BookApril 20-August 28, 1777
Captured British Army 49th Regiment Orderly BookJune 25-September 10, 1777
Captured British Army 64th Light Infantry Orderly Book September 14-October 3, 1777
Captured British Army Orderly BookJanuary 29-August 9, 1778
Captured British Army Orderly Book June 1-June 27, 1778
Captured British Army Orderly BookAugust 4-October 13, 1778

Subseries C

Captured British Officer's Accounts Ledger, 1769-1771, and Diary 1774; 1777
John McAlister, Assistant Commissary, Records, 1777; Letterbook 1781-1782
John McAlister, Assistant Commissary, Provision Returns October 27, 1777-July, 29, 1778
John McAlister, Assistant Commissary, Provision Returns 1777; 1778; 1779
Troop Strength Returns, Correspondence, and Miscellaneous Reports1777; 1779-1781
John Smith, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment, Army Enlistment Record June 14, 1778
Timothy Pickering, General Quartermaster's Return April 1, 1782
British Army, Proceedings of Court Martial of Captain Richard Lippincott May 3-June 22, 1782
British Army, Rules and Regulations.... 1792
British Army, Light Infantry Exericise.... 1797
James Simons, A New Principle of Tactices Practised by the Armies of the Republic of France 1797
United States War Department, Rules and Regulations Respecting the Recruiting Service 1798

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