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New York, February-August, 1937
Ritz Theatre
Directed by Brett Warren
Music by Lee Wainer


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TVA song

Title - Power
Author - Arent, Arthur
Location - New York, NY(Ritz Theatre)
Date - Feb 23 - August?, 1937
Genre - Drama/Living Newspaper
Director - Brett Warren
Composer - Lee Wainer
Conductor - Myron Roman
Costume Designer - Louis Bunin
Set Designer - Howard Bay
Technical Director - Monroe Hack

Voice of the Living Newspaper - Charles Dill
Old Man at Radio, Martin Insull, M. H. Aylesworth, Clerk of the Senate, John Lord O'Brien, James Lawrence Fly - Charles Danforth
Old Man's Wife - Kate Cloud
Police Operator, Grocer, Butcher - Charles T. Lewis
Surgeon, Robert E. Healy, Federal Trade Commision Spokesman, Company Agent, Business Man - Gregory Robbins
Intern, Hardware Clerk - Maurice MacNevin
Intern, Rent Collector - Peter Marvin
Patient - Agnes Moss
Policeman, Electric Co. Clerk, Mayor's Secretary, Grocer, Voice of Linesman - James Swift
Theatre Manager, Barber - Joe Rose
Irish Mother, City Dweller's Wife - Guerita Donnelly
Bakery Proprietor, Policeman, Electric Co. Manager, Broker - Frank McMunn
Airport Radio Operator, Senator George W. Norris - Burton Mallory
Restaurant Proprietor, Grocery Clerk, Fruit Vendor, Linesman - Richard Keller
Traffic Accident Victim - Marjorie Betts
Driver of Car - Lionel Dante
Announcer, City Dweller - Jack Lorenz
William Gilbert, Man on Bench, Farmer - Wilfred Clark
Michael Faraday, Director, Samuel J. Insull, James M. Beck Business Man - H. H. McCollum
Georg Simon Ohm, Director, Editor, Public Utilities Commisioner - Harry Brooks
Zenobe T. Gramme, Electric Co. Manager, Father, Carl D. Thompson, Frank W. Smith, Governor Bibb Graves - Allan Tower
Thomas A. Edison, Senator Burton K. Wheeler, Utilities Representative, William Cope, Voice of Chief Justice Hughes - Dudley Hawley
Financier, T. Commerford Martin, J. L. Murphy, Politician, Wendell L. Willkie, Business Man - William Roselle
Consumer, Consumer Angus T. Buttonkooper - Muni Diamond
Electrician, Man Who Knows, Rent Collector, Linesman, Man on Soap Box - Robert Noack
Grocery Clerk, Fruit Vendor - Jack Shipman
Butcher - Joseph Murray
Butcher - Kermit Augustine
Chairman, Senator Sherman Minton, Bernard F. Weadock, Voice of Justice McReynolds - James F. Kelly
Witness, The Messrs. Carmichael, Mr. Lane, Utilities Executive, Forney Johnston - Bernard Pate
Daughter - Viola Swayne
Mrs. Lane of 1913 - Eleanora Barrie
Mrs. Lane of 1926 - Jane Graham
Hardware Clerk, Mayor Clare W. H. Bangs, Chairman, Man on Street, Governor Hil McAllister - Edward LeDuc
Drygoods Clerk - Lionel Dante
Drygoods Clerk - Seymour Malmude
Electric Co. Clerk, Company Agent, Consumer-at-Large - Warren Pittenger
Representative John E. Rankin, Chariman - Ulric Collins
Second Congressman, Storekeeper - Joseph Rivers
Third Congressman - William Arthur Row
Farmer's Wife - Jean Thomas
Old Woman - Edith Harcourt
Colored Farmer - Milton Williams
Man on Street - Jack Denver
Woman Stockholder - Marie Edwards
District Court Judge - Wilbur DeRouge
Court of Appeals Judge - John Harkins

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