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The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus

Atlanta, July 27, 1937
Atlanta Theatre
Directed by William Armitage
Music by 16 Century composers, primarily Fortunatus


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Title - Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, The
Author - Marlowe, Christopher

Location - Atlanta, Georgia (Atlanta Theatre)
Date - July 27, 1937
Genre - Drama/Tragedy
Director - Walter Armitage
Composer - 16th century music, primarily Fortunatus
Conductor - Walter Sheets
Costume Designer - William Perkins
Set Designer - Josef Lentz
Assistant Director - Vernon Williams
Art Director - Julian Harris
Publicity - Gilbert Maxwell
Stage Manager - Rauenal Campbell
Assistant Stage Manager - Harry Lee
Agent Cashier - Roy Grizzell
Construction - Julius McMillan
Props - W.O. Kirk
Lighting - B.F. Beattie
Costumes - Doris Roberts
Programs - Jack Barefield
Promotion Manager - Ryan Mitchell

Faustus - Walter Armitage
Wagner - Jack Barefield
Good Angel - Evelyn Eden
Evil Angel - Maurice Fain
Valdes - Grady Barrow
Cornelius - Earle Clements, Jr.
First Scholar, Baliol - George Casky
Second Scholar - Jack Beckem
Third Scholar - Thurman Buice
Mephistophilis - Roy Elkins
Belcher - Ray Calhoun
Clown - Royal Mitchell
Devil - Guy Ray
Robin, Alexander - Carroll McGaughy
Ralph - Maurice Fry
Lucifer - Edwin Peebles
Pride, Paramour - Jean Flynt
Covetousness - G.W. Patton
Wrath - Clarence Pritchard
Envy - Byrd Strickland
Gluttony - James Owens
Sloth - Ralph Ellis
Lechery - Vera Thomas
Vintner - Bailey Waller
Prince of Rome - John Williams
Cardinal Lorrain - John King
First Friar, Fourth Scholar - Harry Lee
Second Friar - John Milton
Third Friar - William Gardner
Fourth Friar - Owen James
Emperor - Amasa Windham
Knight - Paul Carpenter
Horse Courser - W.I. Reese
Dancer - Martha de Golian
Duke of VanHolt - Roy Ellison
Duchess of VanHolt - Helen Stringfellow
Fifth Scholar - Don Tyner
Sixth Scholar - Winston Grubbs
Helen of Greece - Susan Falligant
Old Man - Gilbert Maxwell
Devils - Ray Calhoun, Amasa Windham, Earl Clements, G.W. Patton, James Owens, Clarence Pritchard, Bailey Waller
Attendants - George Casky, Don Tyner, Jack Beckham, Ray Calhoun
Chorus - Mildred Seals, Isabel Vretman, Veronique McBride, Rosser Miller, Elizabeth Buchannan, Betty Boorstein, Dorothy Jones, Gladys Cook, Frances Rollison, Martha de Golian, Mary Nell McKoin, Dorothy Harbort, Barbara Thrower, Susan Falligant

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