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The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus

New Orleans, June 8, 1937
2301 Tulane Ave
Directed by William Armitage
Music by 16 Century composers


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Title - Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, The
Author - Marlowe, Christopher
Location - New Orleans, Louisiana(2301 Tulane Ave)
Date - June 8, 1937
Genre - Drama/Tragedy
Director - William Armitage
Composer - 16th Century composers
Conductor - Zelda Hunt
Costume Designer - William Perkins
Set Designer - William Perkins
Tech Director - Earl Crumb
Assistant Director - John McGee

Faustus - Walter Armitage
Wagner, Alexander - Hugh Beaumont
Good Angel, Paramour - Maud Hollingsworth
Evil Angel, Horse Courser - Josef Lehmann
Valdes, Wrath, Prince of Rome - John Flynn
Cornelius, Lucifer, First Scholar - Karst Connell
First Scholar, Devil, Covetousness - Manuel Fernandez
Second Scholar, Vintner,
Fourth Friar - Charles Williams
Mephistophilis - Charles Nielsen
Baliol, Robin, Third Scholar - John Dillon
Belcher, Third Friar, Duke of VanHolt,
Second Scholar - Malcolm Andry
Clown, Gluttony, First Friar, Old Man - Fred C. Madden
Ralph - William Trone
Pride - Clare Farnum
Envy - Pauline Mallitz
Sloth, Second Friar - Maurice Harding
Lechery - Bessie Shields Fourton
Cardinal of Lorrain - Patrick Brennan
Emperor - Edward Dillon
Dancer - Juliette Wise
Duchess of VanHolt - Inez Mari
Helen of Greece - Dale Owens
Chorus - Carol Wood, Dale Owens, Clare Farnum, Pauline Malitz, Polly Perkins, Bessie Shields Fourton, Inez Mari
Devils - Josef Lehmann, Charles Williams, William Trone, Manuel Fernandez, Maurice Harding, Herbert Arnold, William Burghardt, Charles Kronlage

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