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Recorded Sound Reference Center Card Catalog Supplement

The Recorded Sound Reference Center Card Catalog Supplement contains information about recordings inventoried by the Library between 1951 and 1990. These recordings are held in the Library and include mostly archival recordings plus all types of music, the spoken word, and radio broadcasts. The card catalog supplement is searchable by name, title, and subject (LCSH and other types). The division's unique archival collections, which are often difficult to catalog, come from a variety of sources, including individuals, broadcasting networks, and organizations. Staff members rely on this catalog for information on radio broadcasts, special collections, noncommercial pressings, and miscellaneous archival recordings. A below-minimal-level-cataloging card index, the supplement provides little topical access to the material. A search on “women,” however, yields many pertinent recordings, including:

  • dozens of radio broadcasts
  • a 1960 radio documentary series on the history of women's suffrage called Women Who Won (RWD 7915)
  • a debate on women's liberation between Phyllis Schlafly (b. 1924) and Congresswoman Martha Griffiths (b. 1912) (RZA 0760)
  • a radio broadcast (RWA 3069) of the 1938 Wimbledon women's singles tennis match between Helen Jacobs (1908-1997) and Helen Wills Moody (1905-1998)
  • a recording of Pope John Paul II at the 1979 Mass on the Mall in Washington, D.C., where he spoke on abortion, marriage, and family (RZA 0781)

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