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Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, Maryland. Arthur S. Siegel, photographer. 1943. Prints and Photographs Division. LC-USW3-028675-C (b&w film neg.)

bibliographic record

How would a researcher studying eighteenth-century widows know that an article on this subject appeared in a collection of essays entitled Women's Experience in America? [catalog record]

Would someone looking for details on women shipyard workers think to look in Hidden Aspects of Women's Work? [catalog record]

Articles or essays published within edited volumes are rarely cataloged individually and only occasionally listed in periodical indexes, so bibliographies and indexes that capture such research are extremely valuable. The two titles used to identify the above essays are Susan Cardinale's Anthologies by and about Women: An Analytical Index [catalog record] and the two-volume Index to Women's Studies Anthologies: Research across the Disciplines, covering the years 1980 to 1984 [catalog record] and 1985 to 1989 [catalog record].

The broader Essay and General Literature Index (1900-, AI3.E752 MRR Alc) [catalog record] uses Library subject headings (such as “Woman,” “Marriage,” “Divorce“) and covers anthologies back to 1900. Religion Index Two: Multi-Author Works (1970-, Z7751.R35 MRR Alc) [catalog record] can be searched with terms such as “Gender,” “Lesbianism,” or “Feminist theology,” among many others.

SEARCH TIPS: The only way to know whether an index includes articles published within books is to read the introduction to the index. Occasionally, the Library of Congress catalog record for a collection of articles includes a note section with the titles and authors of each individual article. These are searchable online by keyword or as a note.

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